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Ren // JR  //  Baekho // Face

Ren // JR  //  Baekho // Face


Aggressive Minki~

for those who doesn’t know, Yes, he’s the Maknae

1993.05.02 - 2013.05.02
Happy 20th Birthday, Huang Zitao!!

You grew up so much in a year ㅠㅠ Even if you’re turning 20 today, you’re still a baby to me, haha. I don’t care how old you are, I’ll still want to hold you and take care of you and protect you from anything bad in this world. I wish you infinite happiness for this new year of your life. When you cry, I want your tears to be happy tears. When you’re feeling down, please remember that thousands of people out there will love you and support you. I want to see you smile, because it’s one of the most beautiful things about you. You are beautiful inside and out.
Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, I love you ♥

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[05.02.1993 - 05.02.2012] happy birthday to the most wonderful human being 黄子韬]

  • black symbolizes: death, earth, stability:

from the first day seeing you, there’s something gloomy and mystery about you that caught my attention. you look like an emo person, it’s so hard to understand and see through you. you seem to be very cool, cold and unreachable.

  • yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy:

but then we get to know you more, we realize you’re just a bright sunshine. you don’t often smile but once you do, even flowers can’t be fresh as your smile. you never fail to make us happy with your naughtiness and playfulness.

  • green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being:

and i think the most important thing to make you a special one is the way you live your life. not like many other artists, you choose to live it in your own way. you still can be yourself even when you’re a public’s person. life is your own and you’re leading it right.

  • red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality:

enthusiastic and energetic, those are 2 adjectives to describe you. you fight with all the redness of your blood. you come to the world as a soldier showing no mercy. you don’t make jokers feel afraid of you, instead you make them admire and try to be like you.

  • orange symbolizes: vitality with endurance:

with your unique personality, them jokers just wanna mess up with you but you still can stand up like wild grass because fuck that, you’re huang zitao and they’re not.

  • blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace:

staring into your eyes, we see the peaceful blueness of the ocean. your smile eyes make sadness fade away. calm and peaceful… you’re like clouds up in the blue sky making people relaxed and cool.

  • white symbolizes: purity, cleanliness:

just like water, you’re the definition of purity. people think you’re rude and impolite but you’re just being yourself. you say what you want to say and do what you want to do. showbiz is a plastic world yet you still aint a barbie doll.

  • pink symbolizes: love, beauty:

you’re naughty like this, you’re straightforward like that. but deep inside you, there’s still something beautiful called courteousness. you’re not a kid anymore, from now on, you’re one mother father gentleman. that’s your charm.

The Magic Wand and Hammer Couple >u<

If Ren is a cat then the rest of NU’EST are most definitely dogs - Ren pairings explained in animal gifs


BaekRen: Ren pretty much lets him do whatever he wants and just ignores him


MinRen: He isn’t necessarily violent with Minhyun but will get sassy and to tell him to stop


ARen: Ready to stop Aron’s attacks as soon as they happen


JRen: Ren is the most violent with JR and JR just sits and takes it